The Saint Patrick’s Day Additions are here!

Now that February is coming to a close, we are putting away all the chocolates and hearts so we can start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring! With the shamrocks sprouting and giant rainbows growing, a bit of springtime luck is in store for all the Jumpeez on MainStreet!


This HUGE pot of gold plopped right into the center of our MainStreet FunZone! It is so enormous that you will not even be able to reach the top of it by jumping! Head to the launchpad right next to it and begin your quest for the pot of gold. You will have to go on a short journey that involves kissing the Blarney Stone to get there, but once you land on top of that pot of gold you will earn a special power!

Pot of Gold

Since March is a month of luck and fortune, keep a special eye on all the St. Patrick’s Day items in the monthly Scavenger Hunt!


Once you checked out all the activities at the MainStreet and Boardwalk FunZones, head DownTown to help JumpStart turn green for the beginning of spring! Throw your water balloons at the clover garden to make our tiny plants grow large and strong!


Now that you have the latest scoop on all the clover-filled festivities at JumpStart, are you ready to search for the Blarney Stone and reach the pot of gold on MainStreet? Head over to JumpStart now and start playing!

Check out February’s Jumpee Lookbook

“Kisha here, broadcasting live from JumpStart’s Monthly Fashion Show. We are here today looking at some of the most cutting-edge fashions this side of DownTown. February is all about showing off your Valentine’s Day spirit and preparing for that breezy spring weather in the upcoming months. I searched everywhere from AdventureLand to the Enchanted Sanctuary to find some of my favorite dressed Jumpeez that really captured JumpStart’s February Look. There were a lot of great outfits, but these Jumpeez had some serious style. Let us take a closer look at some of their excellent Threadz:

The Girls:

Picture8 Picture7

On the right, we have Angelina TwinkleFairy. Angelina is rocking a cotton pink t-shirt, which is an excellent choice now that the weather has gotten warmer in JumpStart. She is already looking forward to the summer, as you can tell from her sandals.

On our left, Kate Breezehawk is showing her February flare. Her red sweatshirt and pink shoes let us know her excitement for the National Heart Month, and we always appreciate a Jumpee that keeps their wardrobe timely.

The Boys:

Gary SnarkyNoodle, on the left, is going for a classic look that we always enjoy. He coordinates his outfit so well that even his eyes match with his blue shirt and hat. Such attention to detail is what we really appreciate here at JumpStart.

Zach FlameComet (on the right) really shows his love for exploring AdventureLand with his look. Pairing camouflage with cargo pants helps Zach move swiftly throughout all his AdventureLand missions. Also notice his hair. Even though he keeps his outfit practical, he still shows his unique personality with his bright blue hair. A bold statement, but one we can get behind.

This concludes our coverage of JumpStart’s February Jumpee Lookbook. If you like their getups, make sure to head DownTown and pick up their stylish clothes at the Threadz store! Do you want to showcase YOUR Jumpee’s stylish outfits? Take a screenshot of your Jumpee wearing their best Threadz and post them on our blog!

National Heart Month: Adding Cardio Activities to Your Routine

Since February is National Heart Month, now is a great time to think about how to keep your heart healthy. Aerobic (otherwise known as cardio) exercises help our circulatory systems stay strong. Doing regular cardio exercises has proven to help strengthen the heart’s ability to pump blood through your body and reduce your blood pressure. We know that making a habit of doing cardio activities can be a struggle, so we came up with some easy activities to begin your cardio workout plan.

"Jump rope" by Andrew Malone ©2010. Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

“Jump rope” by Andrew Malone ©2010. Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

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Worksheet of the Week: Presidents and Pictures


Help! Can you muster up your history knowledge and name these Presidents? Ask your parents to help you download this FREE worksheet to get started on all your President’s Day celebrations!

Frankie’s Valentine’s Day Extravaganza: Purrfect Love

Frankie’s Valentine’s Day Extravaganza is coming to a close, but we still have one more activity before the big day arrives! Pierre has a special FREE coloring page for you to decorate! This stays a secret, but Pierre LOVES Valentine’s Day. We headed over to his house a couple days ago and found his kitchen cabinets fully stocked with candy hearts and chocolate! Since this holiday is such a big deal to him, you can bet he put a lot of time into picking out this Worksheet of the Week. Keep reading and find out what he chose and read a special letter he wrote to all you Jumpeez.


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Frankie’s Valentine’s Day Extravaganza: Handprint Hearts

We are getting SO close to Valentine’s Day I can just feel the love in JumpStart! For today’s activity in Frankie’s Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, Hops came up with an activity for artists of all ages to create! Checkout Hop’s creative craft along with his note to all you Jumpeez below!

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Scheduled Downtime Tonight at 9pm PST

Hi Jumpeez! Frankie here with a very important announcement. There will be scheduled downtime on JumpStart TONIGHT at 9pm PST for two hours. Our team will be hard at work during this time making sure the website is running as fast as it can so you can hop between worlds without missing a thing in all your favorite JumpStart activities. Thank you so much for being so patient!


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