Unity No Longer Supported By Chrome

Hi Jumpeez! As of last night, Chrome stopped supporting the Unity Web Player, so you will not be able to play JumpStart in Chrome. We are working on a more permanent fix to this issue, but in the meantime, please switch to a different internet browser (we suggest Firefox or Internet Explorer) to play JumpStart. We apologize for any inconvenience this has on your gaming experience and want to thank you for your patience. Stay tuned to JumpStart for more information.

Game of the Week: Blast-Off Math

Learning-Template-DAre you ready for adventure? Strap on your jetpack and BLAST-OFF for an exciting adventure in learning! As one of the games featured in DownTown’s Brain Training Arcade, Blast-Off Math is one of the top places to master your math skills! With 28 different activities that help you practice everything from division to counting, you will be prepared for any and every math subject you are learning in class! Not to mention, you get to fly through a mysterious cavern on a jet pack and earn coins for all your DownTown purchases. Try starting off your Blast-Off Math adventures by completing Frankie’s special challenge!

Find the Constellation

find-the-constellationConstellations are sets of stars that make shapes in the sky! Use our Worksheet of the Week to learn some astronomy by connecting these stars and figuring out which constellation you see. Once you find out the answer, comment below and let us know!

Take a Tour of Freefall Mountain

Recently a couple of Jumpeez decided to climb up to the very top of Freefall Mountain and do some skydiving! One of the Jumpeez was scared of heights and a bit nervous at first. But after seeing so many of her Jumpee friends having a great time, she thought it was worth taking the plunge. Here is what she had to say during her first ever Freefall Mountain experience:

“Hi everyone! My name is Angelina Airshark and… I am kind of nervous to try sky diving on Freefall Mountain. But I’m always hearing about how exciting that fall through the obstacle course can be. And well I’m already up here, so I guess I cannot back down now! All of my friends have taken lift-off and it is my turn to do the same!
1Woah, look at all the balloons around the mountain! Be on the lookout for these as you soar through the air. Depending on the color of the balloon, you can earn points towards your Freefall Mountain score! Green balloons are 100 points, yellow balloons are 200 points, and the very hidden red balloons are 300 points!
2Look! I just found my first balloon, and a yellow one at that!
3Phew, this is way less scary than I thought it would be, but it is really exhausting! I think I will take a break and look at this beautiful view of the blue oceans of JumpStart! Also, if you need an extra boost in the wind, hover or walk across the propellers.


This is incredible! I feel like I am seeing JumpStart in a whole new light!
5Oh no, the timer ran out and I am back on land… Well, I think I am definitely ready to do that again! Since there are 2 different challenges with 10 levels each, I think I might spend the rest of the day figuring out which course is my favorite. I am so glad I decided to conquer my fear of heights and take on Freefall Mountain!”

Game of the Week: Bubble Trouble

This is our first-ever Game of the Week, so we decided to choose a game that is jam-packed with tons of fun and helpful activities for you Jumpeez! Swim deep down through the clear, blue waters of MarineLand to complete this week’s Bubble Trouble mission. In this game, you can build up your reading and math skills while running away from pesky Punk Punks.
Overall, there are over twenty different activities and three different levels to play from, so you will NEVER get bored! If you have not played Bubble Trouble yet, start playing and let us know which levels you are able to complete! budurl.me/GoTW1

Worksheet of the Week: It’s Spring

its-springAfter watering and caring for her plants for the past month, Linda now has some blooming flowers! They still could use a bit of color… Can you help make her garden bright and vibrant? Ask your parents to download and print this coloring page and bring Linda’s garden to life! budurl.me/Worksheet114

Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day FIVE

Day5We have reached the last day of Ivy’s Eggling Hunt, which means there is still ONE more chance to solve one of Ivy’s riddles and earn 200 gold coins! For today’s event, hop on one of your favorite Ridez and head over to Adventure Canyon, JumpStart’s own wild west. In this desert land, be on the lookout for an item that matches Ivy’s description and comment below if you think you have solved her riddle! Budurl.me/HuntDay5


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