JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Frankie is back for another edition of our weekly Jumpee Shoutouts from the JumpStart Times! Are you ready to see if you or any of your pals made this week’s fun fan feature, right here on the blog? While submissions are up for all to see in-game through J-Tube, only a few Jumpeez each week are able to get a response from our top dog, Frankie when it comes to their super cool shout outs. Check out this week’s lucky few!

Tell your friends about Jumpstart
it is awesome!!!!!
-Teresa SparklePuppy

Thanks for inviting your fellow Jumpeez to tell their friends
about JumpStart! It is great to see friends join and
explore the many worlds and adventures in our online game!
- Frankie

I love JUMPSTART because it has learning games to help with your school
work and help you whenever.
-Erin FairyTail

There is so much fun to be had in JumpStart! We love hearing that you’re
enjoying the way that we make learning fun!
- Frankie

I want a shout out to Frankie because I got to do some fun stuff around
JumpStart so thank you!
-Brian HappyFace

Thank you for the shout out, Brian HappyFace! We’re glad that
you are having a fun time. Your love of the game means a lot to
the JumpStart Friends and I.
- Frankie

I love Windy Hollows. You should go to Windy
Hollows today!
-Isabella SwiftJewel

I am happy to hear that you are having so much fun in Windy
Hollows, Isabella SwiftJewel! There are so many activities you can do
with fellow Jumpeez including the Windy Hollows Broom Ball Match!
- Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Taking Care of Each Other – Earth Day Worksheet for Grade 2

Getting Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is not an activity that kids happily take on with a smile on their faces. However, it is hard to deny that importance of annual traditions like spring-cleaning. In quickly examining the house, there is probably no denying that the little ones have more than you probably know what to do with. Have them help get involved around the house by putting a unique spin on getting organized and ready for the new season. Use these tips to get started!

Photo by: juhansonin

Make cleaning a goal-oriented activity: assign a treat for completing small goals like organizing toys, putting away craft supplies, or even helping with laundry. You might even create a point system with an ultimate prize like a night out to the movie theater or a trip to a local amusement park or a simple sweet treat like a scoop of ice cream.

Disguise cleaning in competition: A race to fold the most towels or fastest area dusted, these are just a few ideas to get kids acting quickly and wanting to complete tasks. You might even put down a few dust collecting cloths or rags and challenge the kids to race on them like skates.

Music and story telling: Keep them engaged and distracted from the true task at hand by creating a fun environment. Pump up the volume on their favorite tunes and keep them talking or simply lighten the mood by sharing stories or funny jokes. Time spent cleaning will just fly by if they’re having a good time.

Follow the leader / “Simon Says…:” Lead by example and show the kids how its done. You might be surprised that they will simply follow your actions if they are made to think that cleaning is more of a game than a chore.

Cleaning can be made fun no matter your age as long as you approach the process creatively and with a positive attitude. Try these tips to get some spring cleaning done in your home!

Spring into some Seasonal Fun with the Family

The countdown to Easter is on! With this fun and festive holiday just days away, how do you plan on celebrating the spring season with your most cherished of family and friends? Renew some of you favorite holiday traditions or turn to our list of helpful and exciting activities for the family. From brunch ideas and kid friendly crafts to make sure everyone in your home gets in to the spirit of the season, there are a ton of exciting resources on the JumpStart Blog to make the day as memorable as possible.

Photo by: littlemoresunshine

Keep exploring and be sure to share some of your top tips and tricks for throwing a holiday gathering like no other!

Click Here for Our List of Festive Activities.

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Tuesday Shout Outs are back once again to feature some of your Jumpee pals! Have you been submitting your comments to the JumpStart Times? Let us know what’s on your mind and you might see your comments up on the blog in this weekly fan feature! Check into the nearest issue of the JumpStart Times or open your J-Tube Device to start sending in your best shout outs, questions, stories, jokes, works of art, or videos. After all, Frankie loves seeing what you’ve all been up to!


New Ridez! Go to Downtown in Ridez to get one of them.
- Isabella PinkMist

You’re right! There are a ton of great spring specials
in the Ridez shop, Isabella PinkMist! Thanks for helping get
the word out to your fellow Jumpeez!
- Frankie

- Nick AzulCloud

That is exactly why we have so many fun options available
at the Threadz store all the time, Nick AzulCloud!
Make sure to check back regularly for all the fun new additions.
- Frankie

- Heather HappySwan

Raising a Mythie is no easy feat, Heather HappySwan!
Congratulations on getting this unique
Enchanted Sanctuary pal.
- Frankie

JumpStart rocks! It’s very detailed and fun!
Keep up the good work!!
- Lily RainbowEmerald

Thanks for the amazing feedback on the game,
Lily RainbowSwan! We’re glad to have you as a fan.
- Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Amazing Maze - Free Critical Thinking Worksheet for 1st Grade

A Fun and Festive Easter

Holidays with kids are a mighty feat no mater how experienced you are when it come to planning for some fun and festive traditions. Get into the spring swing of things with this easy to recreate kit of Easter traditions that covers recipes, decorations and classroom gifts and helpful tips and tricks for brunch. Ready to hop to it? Join us at the JumpStart blog for all the most darling details to cover with your family for the season!

Photo by krstl_blu

Crafts for Kids-
Egg dying and decoration: During this time of year, nothing makes a more perfect DIY project than decorating Easter eggs. You can hard-boil any number of eggs and use all kinds of crafting items to help your family make custom cool creations that can work as décor or depending on what you use to decorate with ultimately be turned into delicious treats. Set out a range of different decorating tools and non-toxic dyes, and then let the kids let their imaginations run wild!

Paper Bunny Ear Crowns: Simple and easy this craft only requires a selection of colored construction paper, glue, and an optional fastener of sorts (depending on the size crown you need to make). Create the classic pink and white combo or allow your little ones to choose their preferred colors. Start by measuring your child’s head so that you know how to size the crown – cut a long strip of paper to this length. Once you have your crown, cut out two long bunny shaped ears to glue to the crown. Once these are affixed, fasten the back of the crown with glue or if you have one, a paper faster.
Click here for more fun holiday ideas!


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