More to LOVE this season in JumpStart

The snow has melted away and now there’s even more to LOVE about JumpStart with this month’s NEW theme update, which is being kicked off with Frankie’s Valentine’s Day celebration! Jumpeez are now invited to enjoy the updated FunZones in DownTown, MainStreet, and the BoardWalk to start. Meet your Jumpee pals to start making some seasonal memories now! And best of all, those aren’t the only festive features to enjoy this season. A new selection of Petz, Ridez and Threadz awaits in DownTown along with a LIMITED-TIME Scavenger Hunt.


Not sure where to start exploring? Jump on one of the passing swan-shaped ships for a ride down Heart’s Lane. You’ll discover a world filled with friendly flying Petz, festive fountains, and other holiday décor that you won’t want to pass up. As hearts fill the air Jumpeez might find themselves wanting more. And they will find just that over in MainStreet, where a larger-than-life treat awaits! The Box o’ Chocolate maze is back! Think you can make it to the center of the box without being pulled off track by all the surrounding temptations? Or if chocolate’s not your thing, it might be prime time to grab a spot of tea at the BoardWalk FunZone! Which will you choose?

These and all the other seasonal specials that Frankie has unrolled are only available for a LIMITED-TIME so don’t let this latest set of updates pass you by. Because before you know it, Valentine’s day will come to an end and the JumpStart friends will begin ushering in a NEW reason to celebrate!

Meet the Lake-loving HydroSaur Mythie!

Mages and Jumpeez – listen up! We’ve just got word from Rowan, the famed Mythie caretaker, that a new Mythie has been discovered in JumpStart’ Magic & Mythies. Are you up for the challenge to train the HydroSaur?


Paired to the element of water, this lake-loving companion has already become quite known across this magical realm for its abilities to soar through the skies and seas with it fast-moving flippers. Flippers that have gained it quite the reputation in its efforts to battle the Darkness. Mages that start training the creature today will quickly come to understand the powerful force it demands in its signature defense that has gained the moniker of the “Tidal Slap.”

But the HydroSaur is not just a force to be reckoned with in battle and flight, it’s also a loyal companion that’s gratitude knows no bounds. But don’t take our word for it or that of the legends of its determined efforts to help elves in need, train your very own HydroSaur today!


Looking for a last minute gift for your kids, this holiday season? Membership to JumpStart and Math Blaster’s online worlds is on sale for a LIMITED-TIME!

Magic & Mythies: LIMITED-TIME SALE

Give the gift of magic to your Mages and help them unlock more adventures in Terra before the end of the Snowfall Festival!

Downtime TONIGHT!

Alert your JUMPEEZ! JumpStart will be temporarily offline TONIGHT for approximately 4 hours, starting at 9:30PM PST for scheduled site maintenance.


We apologize for the inconvenience that this might cause during your family’s JumpStart adventures. Once the site is back up you’ll be able to continue exploring our limited-time holiday FunZones, training Mythies, and more – stay tuned!

Meet the Latest Mythie to be found in Terra!

Have you been playing Magic & Mythies and training to be a powerful and wand-wielding Mage? Then we have some BIG news – there’s a new mystical companion to train and bond with as you continue your training – meet the PricklePaw!


The Mythie’s spine tingling look has been compared to that of a porcupine, but its true beauty and magnificence is something that is not easily described. You’ll have to see it first hand to understand! It’s gained a reputation for its sweet as honey demeanor. After all, honey just so happens to be its favorite thing to collect in the forests.

To give us a little background, Rowan, the Mythie caretaker, has given us some insight to this mysterious creature that can now be yours! Legend has it that the rare Mythie was recently uncovered in the secluded forests on the outskirts of Terra. An avid burrower, the Mythie went undetected for many years, keeping to itself and avoiding contact with the growing rank of Mages that have begun studying at the League.

Game of the Week: Zoo Nursery



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