Day 4: Meet Botley!

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You know Botley… JumpStart’s resident robot companion! He’s here for Day four of 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP with an exciting new worksheet for you! Check out a note from Botley below and see if you can complete his patterns worksheet!

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Day 3: Meet Shannon!

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In addition to the many faces IN JumpStart, there are also several faces BEHIND JumpStart! These are the Producers, Artists, Designers and Community Team members who work together to create fantastic products like JumpStart! One of these is Shannon, who is a Producer on World of Madagascar. Shannon is here with an AWESOME DIY video tutorial that she made to share with Jumpeez everywhere!

Watch her video below and let us know what you think!

Day 2: Meet Kisha

Image converted using ifftoanyHere for Day 2 of 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP is Kisha! Super creative and the resident artist of JumpStart, Kisha is excited to share with you FOUR DIY ornaments you can make at home!

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Day 1: Meet Frankie!

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Kicking off 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP is none other than the top dog himself… Frankie! Here with a brand-new Holiday themed worksheet, Frankie is excited to spread some holiday cheer! Keep reading for a note from Frankie and to see what his pick was for Worksheet of the Week! Also, check the last line for a hint about which of Frankie’s Elves gets the spotlight tomorrow!

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Special Holiday Promo Coming Monday!

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Hey Jumpeez! Do you recognize any of the characters in this picture? If you can’t name them all, don’t worry. Starting Monday, we’re bringing you 10 Days in Frankie’s Workshop, an all-new holiday campaign where YOU get to meet the elves who’ve been hard at work getting JumpStart ready for the holidays!

Each day, there will be a post from one of the JumpStart characters who will share a fun craft to make with your family, a cool worksheet to help you learn or an awesome activity to do with friends!

Be sure to check the blog Monday for the first day in Frankie’s Workshop!

Winter Wonderland: A New Season for New Features!

By now you’ve all probably heard the BIG news… the SpeedDrome and Boardwalk are making their triumphant return to the JumpStart World! As our friends Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private nestle into their new home at the World of Madagascar, snow has finally fallen in JumpStart. Are you ready for the Winter Wonderland and all the majestic and magical updates that are heading your way?


To kick off everyone’s favorite time of year, Frankie and the JumpStart friends have not only updated our LIMITED-TIME selection of Petz, Ridez and Threadz in the DownTown stores but they’ve also included a few new features for our festive FunZones!

Are you ready to start exploring the NEW and improved JumpStart, this winter? Stroll through one of our fun and festive Elf-O-Matics to transform your Jumpee into a super cute seasonal helper! After all there’s no better look to sport when you join your Jumpee friends to grow our community snowman, enter the Winter Wonderland, Ice skate through the Boardwalk, and celebrate this very special time of year!

Jump to it and let us know what you think of what winter has brought to the JumpStart World! Are you excited to hear that the Boardwalk and SpeedDrome are here to stay?

Worksheet of the Week: Holiday Math

stack-of-socksNo need for Santa- these stockings are already stuffed full of math learning! Can you complete all of these addition and subtraction problems? Click on the image above to download and print this worksheet for free!


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