Flight School with Your Mythie

After putting in so much time and care to release your Mythie, the time is finally here to see your little friend take their first flaps into the skies of the Enchanted Sanctuary. You might feel a bit misty eyed from this whole experience. However, this is only just the beginning of your Mythie adventures! Today is the very first day of Flight School with your Mythie. That is right! Now is your chance to help your best friend strengthen their wings and earn a couple prizes along the way.
1First thing you do when you enter Flight School is call your Mythie. Choose the correct one that you want to train, take a deep breath, and blow as hard as you can into the special Mythie horn! Your friend will come flying happily down to the Mythie flight pad ready to play!
2Now it is time to start your first Flight School course! There is no need to be nervous. Make sure to really get your Mythie in the spirit for flying by purchasing some of its favorite food and a brand new color kit to show off to all its friends! Once you have had a chance to say hello to your Mythie and deck it out in its most rockin’ outfit, head to the Flight School board and select a course. There are five different courses and each one allows you to explore a completely different part of the endless and majestic Enchanted Sanctuary. My Mythie and I chose the third course!
3Ready to fly? In these Flight School courses, there are three different colored rings that you must go through and score points. Green rings are 100, Yellow are 200, and Red are 300. You can also shoot targets using your Mythie’s special powers by hitting your spacebar and earn another 300 points. TIP: if you are by a green ring, and you see a red ring slightly further away: go for the red ring even if that means missing the other one. You are limited on time so you want to make sure you get the highest amount of points you can!
4Wow! Look at the wonderful sights of the Enchanted Sanctuary! Isn’t this such a magical place?

Phew! We have just completed the course! What an exhausting workout! Looks like Thunder Turtle will be well-rested tonight. It was totally worth it, though. I can tell Thunder Turtle’s wings are already getting stronger AND I earned some extra coins to spend around DownTown. Have you had a chance to go to Flight School with your Mythie yet? Share with us your highest score in the comments below!

Breaking News! The GRYPHON has flown into JumpStart!

A BRAND NEW Mythie has just landed in the world of JumpStart! Jumpeez, say hello to the GRYPHON! We have worked really hard to make your #1 most asked for Mythie come to life and it’s FINALLY here! Our new friend can’t WAIT to meet all you INCREDIBLE Jumpeez so you can become best friends! Before we get you familiar with our newest pal, we should all give this Mythie a proper greeting. At your desk, clap your hands as hard as you can to welcome the newest member in the Enchanted Sanctuary- THE GRYPHON!


Ivy was flying through the Enchanted Sanctuary this winter when something shiny caught her eye… nestled beneath the snow in the Eggling Nest was a special Mythie egg! She raised this new Eggling like any other, with tons of love and extra care, but she had a feeling that there was something different about this Eggling. When it hatched, Ivy’s suspicions were right! This Mythie wasn’t a Pegusus, a Dragon, or a Hornhowlie! It was a GRYPHON, a Mythie Ivy had only heard about but never seen before!


Some even call it the King of all Creatures! Gryphons have the strength of the lion and the wisdom of the eagle– they are both smart AND incredibly strong! When it comes to appearances, Gryphons are as colorful as their personalities! Some even sport red, yellow, or purple feathers. No color scheme is too bright for a Gryphon. If you’re looking for a handy pal to help you search for charms in Windy Willows and steal the show at your Neighborhood parties, Gryphon will be the Mythie for you!


Ivy is waiting for you in the Enchanted Sanctuary! Head over in-game and meet your new Mythie friend, the GRYPHON!

Sneak Peek… Something Exciting is Coming to JumpStart!

Hey Jumpeez! We found this picture in our Mail Box today in an envelope marked “Surprise” on it!

Mythie Teaser

Something seems different about this picture, but we can’t quite figure out what… even Frankie is stumped!

Do you notice anything different? Help us out the comments!

S.P.L.A.T. Alert: Tangorra has Returned!

That’s right, Jumpeez – you heard right! Tangorra has returned to JumpStart to once again cause all kinds of trouble for Frankie and all of YOU adventure-loving Jumpeez. This mischievous character is once again after our precious Egglings for a trouble making potion!

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Map pieces are hidden around JumpStart!

To keep JumpStart safe from harm, S.P.L.A.T. (the Special League Against Troublemakers) is looking to YOU to help us locate the special and extremely rare nest of VOLTAGE DRAGON eggs! Frankie and the team here at the blog will be providing you with all of the latest intel from our friends at S.P.L.A.T., so stay tuned throughout the week for more information, starting NOW! Here are the first three clues to get you to the map pieces.

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Clue #1 – Can you figure out where the next piece of Intel has been hidden?

Click here to read more!

The Enchanted Sanctuary

Raising Mythies and caring from Egglings is not easy task. However, with a little extra knowledge and some regular practice, there’s no stopping a Jumpee that is willing to put in the added work and time that comes along with raising these Enchanted Sanctuary pals! Think you’re ready to take on this challenge? Here’s everything that you need to know to get started!

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Meet with Ivy, the fairy, over in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Click on her for instructions on how to power up the Eggulator and get your new Eggling. She will challenge you to collect a few hidden hearts, using our helpful counter to track your progress.

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Once you have them all, follow Ivy’s trail of magical fairy dust to find the magical Eggling nest tucked away in the big tree. An Eggling will pick you and you’ll need to bring it to the Eggulator to hatch it into a Mythie. At the Eggling stage you will have the option to name your new Eggling pal and care for it with tickles and dancing!

Click here to learn more!

A Message from S.P.L.A.T.: Thank You!

Frankie and friends would like to send all of you a special THANK YOU on behalf of everyone in JumpStart! With your help in our latest S.P.L.A.T. mission, we have been able to band together and save the Voltage Dragon nest from the reach of the evil sorcerer, Tangorra! Now, no Jumpeez that have to worry about the power being drained from our exciting and adventure filled online world!


Were you able to recover and hatch one of our extremely rare Voltage Dragon eggs? If so, congratulations! After all it was quite the challenge to join S.P.L.A.T. and decipher each of the complex clues that were released during this limited time quest. Frankie and the team are really impressed by your abilities to put your JumpStart learning to the ultimate test.

However, the hard work is not over, just yet. Now you’ve got a new adventure ahead as you raise and train your new Mythie friend. Thanks again, and be sure to let us know more about your journey toward completing this exciting mission through the JumpStart World!

The Enchanted Sanctuary: Eggling 101

We talk a lot about Mythies here on the blog, so it’s about time that we give your kids a lesson on our other enchanted companions, the Egglings! After all, every mythie whether it’s a Dragon, a Pegasus, or a Hornhowlie, starts out as a little egg.

Do your kids have an eggling of their own?

If they haven’t done so already, have your kids take a visit to The Enchanted Sanctuary to get an eggling pal of their own. These cute companions are an absolute dream to adventure with through JumpStart! And by securing their Eggling and completing all of Ivy’s tasks, your kids will even be rewarded with a few coins and jumpstars to help them rise through our ranks!

Want more Eggling tips and tricks?


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