A Jumpee Home Away from Home

Just about everything in your JumpStart Neighborhood can be customized to fit your one-of-a-kind style! From the look of your House to even your neighbors, you can choose the look you want and who you live next to. With all of the personalizing possibilities, Jumpeez will feel more at home in their very own Neighborhood. Here is how you can use some of the key features to easily make your neck of the woods as unique as you are!


The outside appearance of your Jumpee House is just as important as what is inside of it. Point and click on your house to select from the choices and how you want your House to look for a more personal, stylish curb appeal.
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Springtime Fun in JumpStart!

Do you hear the buzzing of busy bees? From Central Park to MainStreet, the world around JumpStart is in full bloom—spring has finally arrived! Jumpeez can now enjoy the warming weather of this season with a springtime Egg Hunt, seasonal Funzones, and more.

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Reach for the Stars!

Jumpeez everywhere are reaching for new heights everyday by leveling up their JumpStar level! How are they leveling up so quickly? These Jumpeez are earning JumpStars and unlocking achievements just by playing the game. Here is how you can start leveling up in JumpStart.


Jumpeez can earn JumpStars by completing missions or adventures they tackle around the game. The more JumpStars you earn, means that you will be closer to leveling up to the next level for your chance to enjoy all of the perks that come with being a rising star. This includes seeing yourself featured in JumpStart’s All Time Hall of Fame!


Unlocking Achievements that can be viewed under the Achievements tab on your About Me page, will help you earn more JumpStars! Some of these Achievements can be earned just by turning your brain power into spending power! When you earn coins from playing fun learning games, you can use those coins to purchase new Threadz, Ridez, or even Petz in JS DownTown.


There are also lots of new and exciting items that can be unlocked as you rise through the ranks. Like new Threadz for your Jumpee or even new Ridez to enjoy and so much more! Reach for the stars to experience the game like you have never before! Are you Jumpeez up for the challenge? Become a rising star today and you just might make it into JumpStart’s Hall of Fame!


The KidzVuz Tournament is On!

Frankie is excited to see all of the videos that kids from all over JumpStart have created for our KidzVuz Tournament! Has your Jumpee submitted their video yet? Do not worry, there is still plenty of time for your kids to join in on this exciting interactive challenge! With the KidzVuz Booth in JumpStart’s Central Park, creating and submitting videos to J-Tube for your Jumpee has never been this easy! Did we mention there is an awesome prize for the winner of this challenge? The creator of the video with the most views by Thursday April 3rd, will win a FREE 1 month membership to JumpStart! Have your kids submit a video to enter today!


KidzVuz Video Challenge!

Lights, camera, action! There’s an exciting new challenge in JumpStart! Our first ever KidzVuz Tournament will be held starting today, Thursday, March 13th until Thursday, April 3rd. Jumpeez from all over our online world will have the chance to create and submit their own videos! To win this interactive tournament, gain as many views as possible for your video clip! The video that has the most views will win a FREE 1 month membership to JumpStart!

Getting Started


Click here to learn more about the KidzVuzTournament!

Take a Tour of JumpStart’s Coney Island

Where can your Jumpeez find glittering amusement by the sea? Coney Island in JumpStart is the perfect spot for Jumpee fun and frolic! From PhotoBombs to mini-games, there’s no telling where the fun begins or ends. Take a peak at all the exciting adventures ahead with our Coney Island video clip!

First on our tour is the Coney Island Movie Theatre! Your Jumpee can sit back and relax while watching video clips or take part in a sing-along.

Run into your favorite Zoosters in Bumper Cars for some real fun in motion. Madagascar’s Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria will show your Jumpee a bumping good time! Get your friends in on the action by having them join in and start bumping around.

Don’t let your Jumpee forget to stop by the Arcade for endless amounts of fun! Here, they can choose from a bunch of mini-games, and earn some coins and JumpStars. Some of the most favorite and famous games, Punk Punk Drop, Dodge N’ Dash, and Buggy Racer!

There’s all kinds of fun to be had and new areas to explore! See if your Jumpee can find the secret warp hole to the top of the Statue of Liberty to overlook all of Coney Island!

The bright lights of Coney Island, reveal a real Jumpee playground! Inspire your Jumpeez to explore all the fun that Coney Island has to offer!

JS Stadium Challenge: Let the Games Begin!

Today’s GAME DAY! Head into JumpStart now and use your brain to master the JS Sports Arena for the Stadium Challenge that we have designed in honor of Super Bowl Sunday! Jumpeez from far and wide are competing on this 1-DAY to earn our special Tournament Trophy for their Neighborhood Rooms. Join in the fun by competing alongside some of our brightest and brainiest pals, today!


Throughout the day Frankie and friends will be tracking your scores and the 50 Jumpeez with the top combined number of points in Football, Basketball, and Volleyball will be bringing home an exclusive prize designed specifically for this special Super Bowl tournament. Start racking up the points and let us know how you’re fairing around the JS Sports Arena! Time is just ticking away on this amazing in-world opportunity.

Even more to LOVE in JumpStart!

Frankie and friends are kicking off a new season in JumpStart! Have you seen all the new decorations? From hearts and gift bags to teddy bears and other heart shaped treats, are you able to piece together the clues for what we’re celebrating? We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day, so start exploring! Not sure where to start? Besides the regular updates to Petz and Threadz, you can preview all of your fun and festive options, here:

chrome 2014-01-30 09-13-12-45

Over in both the Central Park and DownTown FunZone areas, Jumpeez can find the popular Heart Lane water ride, which invites you down a heart shaped tunnel while sailing aboard a swan. You’ll pass by beautiful scenes of flowers, candy hearts, waterfalls, and all kinds of other Valentine’s Day themed fun.

chrome 2014-01-29 11-34-50-49

Then search high and low through Poseidon’s HangOut, MainStreet, the Beach and DownTown because there are a few sweet treats waiting to be picked up in this season’s new scavenger hunt. Collect all the hidden candy hearts for a special prize of your very own!

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Buddy Features

Making friends in JumpStart is easy; on the other hand, keeping track of all of them can be quite the challenge, However, you can thank your lucky JumpStars that Frankie and his team have equipped your Jumpee with a helpful and handy Buddy List! Here’s everything you need to know about the options available on your JumpStart Buddy List!

Locate the JumpStart toolbar at the bottom of your playing screen. Hover over the buttons to find the Buddy List and start connecting your in-game pals at any moment.


Time to hang out – With the Online tab, you can easily view your buddies who are currently online, invite your buddy to come see you, or click on a buddy to go see them! To manage the rest of your buddies, you can click on the Offline tab. With each buddy listed you have the option to view more about the Jumpee or remove them from your list.

Is a Jumpee not acting on their best behavior? You can choose to ignore them and manage that list with the Ignore tab.

Add a real-life buddy in game - Does your neighbor play JumpStart too? How about friends from school or even your cousins? Adding them will be a cinch when you know their Buddy Code. You can find your Buddy Code on the top part of your Buddy list. You can exchange yours for them to add you, or you can add them by entering their code under the Requests tab.

Be sure to check your Requests tab regularly to see who would like to make new friends with you!

Now that you know more about the Buddy List, head in to JumpStart and hang out with your buds or make brand new Jumpee pals!

The Enchanted Sanctuary

Raising Mythies and caring from Egglings is not easy task. However, with a little extra knowledge and some regular practice, there’s no stopping a Jumpee that is willing to put in the added work and time that comes along with raising these Enchanted Sanctuary pals! Think you’re ready to take on this challenge? Here’s everything that you need to know to get started!

plugin-container 2014-01-07 14-39-17-01
Meet with Ivy, the fairy, over in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Click on her for instructions on how to power up the Eggulator and get your new Eggling. She will challenge you to collect a few hidden hearts, using our helpful counter to track your progress.

plugin-container 2014-01-07 14-33-44-86
Once you have them all, follow Ivy’s trail of magical fairy dust to find the magical Eggling nest tucked away in the big tree. An Eggling will pick you and you’ll need to bring it to the Eggulator to hatch it into a Mythie. At the Eggling stage you will have the option to name your new Eggling pal and care for it with tickles and dancing!

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