Love Is in the Air at JumpStart

As the weather gets warmer and Valentine’s Day approaches, JumpStart says goodbye to snow and hello to hearts! Now that winter has passed, we are ready to celebrate February with a brand-new theme! Do you know what that means? New FunZones have popped up in MainStreet, DownTown, and the BoardWalk!

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JumpStart Update: What Do You Think of These New Characters?


Happy Friday, Jumpeez! We have a BIG afternoon surprise for you! Our game creators are putting a lot of thought into a possibly new JumpStart game and have want your opinion on these two elves as characters for it! What do you think about them? Let us know what kind of character you want to represent your new game?

Tell Us Your Thoughts on the Gryphon!

Have you seen the Gryphon soaring through the Enchanted Sanctuary yet? Whether you have or not, we could really use YOUR feedback on our latest addition to JumpStart: The Gryphon!

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Since we released the Hornhowlie, a whole four years have passed! The Gryphon was such a huge update to JumpStart that we want to know what we did right and how we can improve on releasing a new Mythie in the future. Since you Jumpeez are so important to the game production process, we drafted up this survey so that you can tell us all your thoughts on the Gryphon!

Ask your parents to help you take this survey. We only have a few questions to ask, so it is short and fun for you to answer! This is your chance to have your voice heard in our future JumpStart updates, so complete this survey and spill your heart out about the Gryphon!

Get Cozy with Winter-Themed Ridez, Threadz, and Petz

Hey Jumpeez! Things SURE have gotten chilly in JumpStart lately! Keep yourself warm and cozy by hopping on over to DownTown where you can buy all your new festive Ridez, Threadz, and Petz for the winter season! Show Jumpeez from all around the new styles and Threadz you will be rocking this winter season!


At the Threadz shop, think about how you want to coordinate your seasonal attire. Maybe some candy cane stockings and an adorable snowman t-shirt? Just don’t forget your snow-cap!


With this sleigh from the Ridez store, you’ll no doubt look like winter royalty!


Once you’re ready to cruise down MainStreet in style, find a new pal to play with at the Petz shop. Don’t you love how excited this little reindeer is for winter? It’ll be the life of the party at your next Neighborhood shindig!

These jolly items will only be around for a LIMITED-TIME! Make sure you get to DownTown soon before we sell out of these highly demanded items!

Breaking News! The GRYPHON has flown into JumpStart!

A BRAND NEW Mythie has just landed in the world of JumpStart! Jumpeez, say hello to the GRYPHON! We have worked really hard to make your #1 most asked for Mythie come to life and it’s FINALLY here! Our new friend can’t WAIT to meet all you INCREDIBLE Jumpeez so you can become best friends! Before we get you familiar with our newest pal, we should all give this Mythie a proper greeting. At your desk, clap your hands as hard as you can to welcome the newest member in the Enchanted Sanctuary- THE GRYPHON!


Ivy was flying through the Enchanted Sanctuary this winter when something shiny caught her eye… nestled beneath the snow in the Eggling Nest was a special Mythie egg! She raised this new Eggling like any other, with tons of love and extra care, but she had a feeling that there was something different about this Eggling. When it hatched, Ivy’s suspicions were right! This Mythie wasn’t a Pegusus, a Dragon, or a Hornhowlie! It was a GRYPHON, a Mythie Ivy had only heard about but never seen before!


Some even call it the King of all Creatures! Gryphons have the strength of the lion and the wisdom of the eagle– they are both smart AND incredibly strong! When it comes to appearances, Gryphons are as colorful as their personalities! Some even sport red, yellow, or purple feathers. No color scheme is too bright for a Gryphon. If you’re looking for a handy pal to help you search for charms in Windy Willows and steal the show at your Neighborhood parties, Gryphon will be the Mythie for you!


Ivy is waiting for you in the Enchanted Sanctuary! Head over in-game and meet your new Mythie friend, the GRYPHON!

Special Holiday Promo Coming Monday!

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Hey Jumpeez! Do you recognize any of the characters in this picture? If you can’t name them all, don’t worry. Starting Monday, we’re bringing you 10 Days in Frankie’s Workshop, an all-new holiday campaign where YOU get to meet the elves who’ve been hard at work getting JumpStart ready for the holidays!

Each day, there will be a post from one of the JumpStart characters who will share a fun craft to make with your family, a cool worksheet to help you learn or an awesome activity to do with friends!

Be sure to check the blog Monday for the first day in Frankie’s Workshop!

Thanksgiving Updates!


The Mayflower has docked in DownTown, there’s Turkeys running around the area, and Thanksgiving is in full swing in JumpStart. Have you checked out the Petz, Threadz and Ridez stores to see what seasonal features are available? Keep reading if you want to learn more about how you can deck your Jumpee out with Thanksgiving goodies!

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