Jump In Together! Introducing JumpStart Multiplayer

UPDATE: JumpStart is currently multiplayer, with a safe canned chat function available.

Here at JumpStart, we’re always looking for new ways to make learning fun for kids. And since kids love playing with their friends, we’ve decided to let kids play and learn together at JumpStart.com! So dust off your party hat…because in just a few weeks, kids will be able to see and interact with each other inside the world at JumpStart.com.

With this exciting new feature, your child will be able to celebrate his or her achievements with friends by sharing all the cool accessories and extras earned for completing learning games! Plus, the new interactive world will soon have organized events to teach teamwork and more.

Because you’ve chosen JumpStart for your child, we know that learning and safety are very important to you. We have compiled the following important FAQs to help you better understand how these new features will enhance your child’s learning adventure with JumpStart:

Will my child be safe?

Of course! Your child’s Jumpee (personalized avatar) will only be identified by its special Jumpee name (for example, “Sandra SpeedySnake”), and no personal information will ever be shared. Plus, only 25-30 Jumpeez will be interacting at JumpStart.com at a time.  We feel that this provides a calmer, more controlled environment for your child to learn and play in.

How do the Jumpeez communicate with each other?

The Jumpeez interact through dance moves and emoticons (super-cool smiley faces).  We recognize the potential dangers of unrestrained “free chat” and that the challenge of typing words can be frustrating for children this age.  To keep everyone safe, we have restricted communication to dancing and facial expressions.  Soon, we will have “canned chat,” which will allow players to choose from age-appropriate, pre-selected phrases and greetings to send to each other.

Jumpeez express themselves with floating emoticons

Jumpeez express themselves with floating emoticons

What are the benefits?

We thought you’d never ask! First and most importantly, these new features provide incentives for your child to continue playing the learning games at JumpStart.com.  By interacting with other Jumpeez, your child will see all the cool new things their hard-earned coins can earn. Nothing motivates better than the possibility of having tiger-striped skin or an awesome new set of antennae to spruce up your Jumpee! Your child will be able to celebrate learning successes by dressing up with friends – such fun!

Plus, your child will build confidence and learn teamwork while making friends and working with others to accomplish missions in the online world. We’ve got all sorts of exciting events planned that will give Jumpeez everywhere the chance to work together and accomplish amazing feats!

Jumpeez form a conga line and dance through JumpStart!

Jumpeez form a conga line and dance through JumpStart!

Stay tuned to the JumpStart blog for updates on when you can expect your new friends to appear at JumpStart.com – it should be by the end of July!

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29 Responses

  1. We’re really looking forward to these new features. My five-year old enjoys playing the MMO games, but none of the ones he likes to play are educational. We also have to ensure that he plays at safe sites and monitor/limit the chat capabilities. We are familiar with JumpStart as an engaging educational software line for children, and we’ll rest assured that he’s in a safe environment, gaining new educational skills, while having fun, too!

  2. I’m appalled. I turn to Jumpstart for a way to AVOID online world environments — I relished that on Jumpstart my daughters only interact with AI’s, not other “children” (or adults masquerading as children!!) There are plenty of online worlds but few opportunities to have our children play in a solitary educational game.

    • Hi Nicki,

      Thank you for the comment!

      I hope you will give this new multi-player version of JumpStart a try so that we can prove to you that it really is safe and secure for your children. As we mentioned above, kids will only be able to interact through pre-scripted emoticons and dance moves (pre-scripted chat soon) and will be identified only by a random Jumpee name, so there is no danger at all.

      We believe that this new feature will enhance learning for kids. However, if you still prefer solitary educational games for your daughters, you can visit AdventureLand, StoryLand and the downloadable games for the independent JumpStart learning you know and love.

      The JumpStart Team

    • Sounds to me like there’s really no danger here, with the way Jumpstart is approaching this. I too am an extremely careful parent (in fact I homeschool my four kids, which is- in part- to avoid unwanted negative influence & to have more oversight of their social interactions). I am extremely leary of online communities for children BUT because there are only canned emoticons and phrases I don’t foresee this being dangerous in any way. Also, I cannot see that there will be any way for a masquerader to get any personal info from my children whatsoever. So, with no chance of perverse (or otherwise harmful) communication, and no chance of personal info being given/obtained, I am comfy with this new feature.

      If I have one reservation it is this– I hope this social interaction will not become too much of a distraction, causing my children to want to ‘hang out’ with the other jumpees more than they want to keep advancing in the game.

    • My young children have played safely on other online community sites where they are free to wave and act silly with other “avatar” kids. There is never any real information contact and I feel perfectly safe allowing them to play. We chose jumpstart because of the educational games and we are really excited and looking forward to having the interaction as well.

  3. Great news, my Daughter loves Jumpstart but also enjoys a pet site, fun but not as beneficial as Jumpstart. She likes that multi-player world mainly because she interacts with her friends. Now this will be a great place for her to play with her friends and learn at the same time.

  4. will we get to chat in story land adventure land and marine land (upcoming area)?

    • Hi, Heather-

      You’ll only be able to chat in the area of JumpStart World that’s outside of StoryLand, AdventureLand, MarineLand, etc. StoryLand, AdventureLand, and (soon!) MarineLand will still be set up the way you’re used to them. Please let us know if you have any more questions!


      The JumpStart Team

  5. I appreciate the dedication and hard work you at jump start are doing to keep up with the changing needs and wants of our kids. I have been with Jumpstart for 5 years. I have 3 kids ages 10, 7,& 6 and they all love it. Just last night my 7 year old said she wished you could be friends with others and go inside others houses and lo and behold I see this new upcoming new addition to the 3D word~ awesome!! I can never say enough great things about Jumpstart. We can’t wait!

    • Thank you so much, Sheri! If your daughter has another other feature ideas she’d like to see, just let us know! We’ll see what we can do.

  6. i love the websit my kid loves it

  7. Hello there! Our son loves your game very much. Unfortunately he loves it too much and we have begun to put limits on how long he can play it… It would be nice if you could somehow put an automatic ‘time out’ on the website that parents could set according to certain increments of time. (15 min…30 min….45 min… and so on.) Thank you again for your wonderful program!

    • Hi, Scott-

      We’re glad your son enjoys JumpStart so much! The timer idea is an interesting one- we’ll pass it on to our producers! Thanks so much.

      -The JumpStart Team

  8. […] anyone else playing on JumpStart.com? They are doing a multi-player option soon, so I thought it might be fun for Evan to get to play with some kids I “know”. In […]

  9. My four year old brother loves JumpStart very much.He is so in to it that he is sometimes on it nonstop from about 3:00pm to 9:00 at night. However, he is constantly complaining to go to lost island.So i asked mom and she said that its a good price so when she finally kiks in enough money to get it he can have lots more fun!

  10. i dont see jumpees when i logged on. why did this happen?

    • Hi, Heather!

      Because the virtual world is pretty large and we only allow a limited number of players to see one another at a time, you may just have to work a little harder to find the other Jumpeez. Try the dance floor or outside the Jumpee creator, where players like to congregate.

      If your Internet connection was disrupted for some reason, it’s possible that the other Jumpeez temporarily disappeared. If this happens again, just wait about a minute and the connection should reset. Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any more questions.


      The JumpStart Team

  11. My son has completed the first 12 missions and for some reason he can’t figure out how to advance to the next island or level or what it may be.

    We go to the communicator and it says more missions coming soon! He’s talked to the dog and he pretty much says the same thing.

    Is there something we are missing or is it that you guys haven’t added anymore to it?

    Thanks in advance, would love to see my son advance in his education, he’s entering kindergarten and is getting frustrated that there isn’t anything else to do in Jumpeez.

    • Hi, Cecibel-

      Sounds like your son is a JumpStart superstar! We’re guessing he’s playing online at JumpStart.com. If your son has been playing in StoryLand, he should try moving up to AdventureLand- that area’s designed for kindergarteners through second graders. If you’re a member, you can also download our retail games from the “Downloadables” area of the “Manage Account” section for some extra gameplay. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions!


      The JumpStart Team

  12. My daughter has been test drive jump start and so far we are impressed. The other day we recommend it to her friend and she signed on right away. Two kids’ jumpees met right there on the dance stage, it was a lot of fun, screaming with excitements. However, that was the end of it. no matter how hard we (two families) try, we cannot get the two jumpees to appear online at the same time. is there a trick for this?

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for stopping by our blog! At the moment, only 15 Jumpeez are allowed in each “server” or instance of the game. Unfortunately, this means there is no guarantee that 2 players will be able to find each other online, as each person who logs in enters the first available slot.

      However, we are working on a buddy list system which will allow players to invite their friends in the same server so they can play together. In fact, we are planning to build a “neighborhood” where kids will see their house and the houses of all their buddy list friends! We are currently aiming for a release in early October, so stay tuned!

  13. Hi I have a question regarding the multi player mode… is that one player per unit playing against others online, or could at least 2 players play side by side? I have 2 boys and the one player games just don’t work out for us.

    • Hi Mallory,
      There isn’t a multiplayer “mode”, per se; rather, the online world automatically has other players from other homes across the world playing within the same JumpStart world your boys inhabits. Typically, that means a Jumpee will run around, seeing other players playing, who they can interact with, in a social, uncompetitive manner. Your two boys could play side by side, in the same online world, if they were sitting at two separate computers, both with internet connectivions. Does that explain things? Feel free to throw us another comment if you need any clarification.
      The JumpStart Team

      • Hi Jumpstart team,
        I have two boys also sitting next to each other on two seperate computers, but when i try and log in it logs one of the two computers out saying that “you have logged in at a different computer” – could you please advise – thanks Rene

        • Hi, Rene! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog with your question. For two players on the same account to be in the game at the same time, they would need to be listed under two different names. These names, are the ones listed in the drop down menu on the homepage that you see after logging-in. At this time, each JumpStart account is able to have up to 6 player’s names listed. This allows each player to have their own individual game records saved each time they play.

          Is it possible that your kids are attempting to play under one name? Typically, this is the only reason why it would sign one of them out, when the other tries to play. If so, you’ll need to add another name to your account, so that each child has their own character when launching the game. To do this, simply log in and hit the “parents” tab at the top of the window. Then, select our “manage kids” button. This will allow you to add another name to your account. When you have a chance, please give that a try, and let us know if you have any other issues getting your kids into JumpStart. Thank you!

  14. i dont care what is going on and the tour guide 4 should do win because she looks sesible and resoable.


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