The Dragons Have Arrived!

What is that flying through the air? A bird? A plane? No, it’s a dragon! That’s right, the dragons have officially arrived at Head to the Enchanted Sanctuary to hatch a dragon of your very own, then raise it from a baby to an adult. Want a sneak peek at what you’ll be able to do? Read on to find out more about this scaly new breed of critters!

To get started, you’ll first need to find the special enclosure where these magical creatures live, the Enchanted Sanctuary. A new portal has appeared in DownTown at – look for the 2 stone dragons guarding the gate and you’ll know you are in the right place!

The entrance is near the slides in DownTown!

Once inside the sanctuary, Ivy the Fairy will help you power up the Eggulator (a high-tech egg hatcher) and find your dragon egg. When everything is ready, you’ll be able to enter the Eggulator and decorate your egg with your favorite colors! Insider’s Tip – Choose your egg’s color wisely – the color of your egg determines the color of your dragon!

Choose the perfect colors

See those controls at the bottom of the screen? The Eggulator is so high-tech that you can even choose if your dragon is a boy or a girl. Not sure what you want? Leave the slider in the middle and you’ll be suprised!

Boy dragon or girl dragon? You decide!

Once you’ve designed the perfect egg and selected the gender of your dragon (if you want to) it will be time to let the Eggulator work its magic. Now, we should warn you, hatching a brand new baby dragon takes a bit of time, so you’ll need to be patient. In fact, it would be best to let the egg sit overnight and check back in the morning. Don’t worry, the egg won’t hatch while you are away!

It might be tough waiting for your dragon egg to hatch, but we promise, when you finally get to meet your scaly new friend, you’ll be glad you did!

This cute critter was definitely worth the wait!

Wondering what you have to look forward to once your dragon hatches? After you name your dragon,  you’ll be able to feed, bathe and play with it!

Keep your dragon clean...

make sure it's well-fed

and play with it!

If you take good care of your dragon, it will grow a little bit each day and eventually be ready for dragon training. Yup! It will be your job to teach your dragon to breathe fire and to fly – what a responsibility! If you spend enough time nuturing your dragon, it will eventually be a full grown-dragon that you can release to the sanctuary. Stay tuned here on the JumpStart Blog for more tips about raising a healthy happy dragon!

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161 Responses

  1. The dragons are here yippee!!

  2. My computer lost sound. What is Ivy telling me? I collected these hearts and I went back to her. Now what?

  3. Do you have to be a member in order to find the dragon eggs? When we talk to Ivy, all she tells us is to click on the dragon next to her to interact with it.

    • Hi Will – Unfortuntely, yes, only members can hatch their dragons as described here. However, if you are not a member, you can still play with a baby dragon in the Enchanted Sanctuary.

      • ARE YOU SEROUSE!!!!!!!!! thats the dumbest mebers get it all its sooooooooooooooooo not fair >:P

      • I know you do haft to be a member yo grt a dragin is becoming a member free and if not how much is it

        • Hi Kat – You’re right. In order to access certain features like owning a dragon, you must be a member. To learn more about membership options, visit our membership website. Also, there are often promotions and/ or discounts available. Join our mailing list by logging in and going to manage account> personal info to find out more about these and other opportunities.

          • My parents wont let me become a member! what should i do??? I want to have a mythie.

          • Hi, Giselle – Unfortunately you will not be able to activate membership without parental permission. We are sorry for the confusion. However, you can let your parents know that membership does go on sale from time to time and we’d be more that happy to answer any questions they might have.

          • My parents wont let me become a member because you have to pay online. DO you think instead of having to pay online you could sell The membership at stores and have a code on the back of the little member card. PLEASE I really want a membership and I think this will be a great idea. please respond back.

          • Hi, Giselle! A few select stores in the US do carry official JumpStart game cards. You can read more about the here: . If you can not find any in your local area also accepts payment in the form of Ultimate game cards, which you can buy at the locations listed here:

      • why dot i have to hatch a egg because i not can hatch a egg man

    • how can i let my egg hatch?

      • Hi, Sara Kitty! To hatch your eggling into a Mythie, you’ll need to be a member of If you already are, all you’ll need to do is bring your egg over to the Eggulator in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Try it out and let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks for playing!

        • For special occasions do you think you can hatch your mythie and then keep it forever, because this is the funnest part in the game.

          • Hi, Giselle! Unfortunately, Mythie’s are exclusive to JumpStart members at this time. However, non-members are still able to enjoy the company of our other Enchanted Sanctuary creatures, the Egglings. Players can dance, tickle, and travel with these fun companions.

  4. my dragon finally hatched but i painted the egg two colors and my dragon is only painted one what do i do to change it so it has one for its skin and one for its spikes? plz help

    • Hi Tom – The colors you paint your egg guide your dragon to be a certain color(s), but your dragon won’t necessarily come out exactly matching your egg. After all, your dragon has an opinion about what color he or she wants to be too! If you raise, train and release this dragon, you’ll have the chance to hatch another dragon egg – maybe you can experiment with different colors on your second dragon!

    • mabey u can go back to the sanctuary and see if u can chang the color of the dragon back to two colors

  5. I can’t find how and where to play with my dragon

  6. i like it . but how come in the train ur dragon spot i see a dragon from very far away ?

  7. i love jumpstart dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yay!!!!!!!!!!!! i`m a member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. when i relesed my dragon i thought that i can take it out with me but i dont want my dragon to leave .

    • My daughter released her dragon yesterday and she thought she would be able to play with it while in town but she could not find it and she started to cry. She was up most of the night worried about her dragon. After release is there a way to play with the dragon she created? She is doing another dragon but I am afraid she will not release her.

  9. I can’t put my dragon to sleep in the nursery. I click on the nursery and he no longer goes in. Help!

    • If your dragon is no longer a baby, he’ll need to go to the dragon dorms to rest up. Head to the training area and look for the metallic dome-shaped structer and try putting him to sleep there. Hope this helps!

  10. Im confused. I went into the place and all Ivy told me was to play with A dragon. But, why cant I get an egg? Is it members only?

    • Hi Emily – Yes, in order to hatch a dragon, you need to be a member. If you are not a member, you’ll be able to play with Ivy’s baby dragon.

      • why do I have to be a meber to hatch an egg

        • Hi Markiano! Unfortunately, hatching your own mythie egg is only available for members. Fortunately, all Jumpeez can visit Enchanted Santuary and visit and play with the mythies. You can even fly around on a Pegasus!

  11. Ivy is telling us to collect the hearts first, but we cant seem to get them. We move to where they are but nothing happens. We have only been able to collect 5!!! So frustrating what to do? Oh, and why won’t our jumpy jump anymore? We are members by the way.

  12. Jumpstart I do not know what a youth potion is and I want to know what it is and why does Jumpstart game lose jumpees and will you put something like a house the jumpees can explore and there is a trail of coins inside or a big haunted house or a big case of stairs that lead to a place that no jumpee ever explored or a place where all the jumpees can eat and get fatter and eat an elephant I want a jumpee restorant and eat a pig and I want tight clothes for the jumpees and where we can meet and play with and shake hands with and dance with William Wonder wings and I want new stuff and new lands cuz I earned my swim tail and completed all the missons in Futureland earned all my books and saved lost island and I am at level 10 and i am bored

  13. Where can I play Hide and Seek with my dragon?

  14. how do you power up the eggulater plz tale me

    • Hi Madisen – Ivy the fairy will ask you to collect 15 hearts hidden around the sanctuary in order to power up the eggulator. Look high and low…these little hearts are tricky and may be well-hidden. Good luck, Jumpee!

    • I have a question, I put my horn howlie in the eggulator and came back the next day. The only thing that happened was that the sound on the music thing got louder and my hornhowlie was grunting. It did not hatch at all. The sliders at the bottom of the screen to comfort the egg were frozen and i couldn’t click on the buttons. Can somebody tell me whats wrong with the eggulator?

      • Hi Paige – The egg should take about one day to fully hatch. If it hasn’t done so in that time being, you may need to clear your web browsing cache and clear your unity web player. You can find the instructions on how to do so here. If that doesn’t help, please let us know, and we’ll get a Jumpee Mechanic to fix the problem.

  15. we collect the 15 hearts but we can’t find an egg, now what? We are a member.

  16. My dragon is a sprited dragon and her name is sky wing

  17. Hi, could you make it so you can take your dragon out of the sachre

  18. help please….my grandson is only 3 so i am trying to hatch his dragon for him. we found the egg yesterday and went in often to adjust the comforts in the eggulator. i went in just now and the comfort level is completly in the red and everything freezes. so when you are not on the website the comfort level drops? and freezes when in the red. and how long does it take to hatch this thing…i also get a lot of jerky movement sometimes. is it better to use the keyboard or mouse. please help..grandson is very excited about having a dragon in his “my very own game”

    • Hi Sharie – As the meter moves to red, it means that the dragon is getting close to hatching, not that it is uncomfortable. Usually, the eggs need to sit overnight before they hatch – but don’t worry, it won’t hatch while you are away from the game. If you are having trouble with the game freezing, we recommend you try clearing your browser history and reinstalling the unity player. You can find instructions for doing so here: Hope this helps!

    • I had the same thing happen! My post is up over yours just a little bit.

  19. more help if you will, sorry to ask here but i created a online name in order to get help at the forums but after i click ok i get taken back to forums page and still no way to post. no creat new topic no reply button. after you creat a online forum name what should happen?

  20. he can have a dragon i just payed for it

  21. There is no option to feed my son’s dragon,how do we feed it?

    • Hi Debbie – If you head over to one of the food kiosks in the grassy area and click on it, you’ll be given a few food options for the dragon. Hope this helps!

  22. where is the baby dragon?

  23. I cannot wait to see my dragon. I think my dragon is gonna
    hatch for ever. I will love her so much. Thank you for this game.

  24. i just want to become a member sihhhhhhhhhhhhhhi………………please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Polly, if your parent/you has a facebook account, you can do a free trial for 15 days. then you can hatch your own dragon!! hope this helps!!!

  25. with the cannon on main street i dont get the faces which one is which?????????????????

    • AHEM the sad face means tht u are a bad cannoner queen means PERFECT shy face means alright the happpy means almost perfect! purple face means quiet good thts it hope this helps!

  26. I believe I’m a member, I signed up for the one dollar trial membership. When i go into the Enchanted Sanctuary, I collect all the hearts, then a ladys voice says bring them to me so that she can power up the Eggulator, where do I bring the hearts? I bring them to Ivy the Fairy and nothing happens? I take the hearts to the Eggulator and it says I need to find an egg? Where are these so-called dragon eggs, I looked all over the Sanctuary?!

    • Hi Lance – If you are receiving the instruction to look for a dragon egg, that means you’ve successfully delivered the hearts and powered up the Eggulator. The egg will be hidden somewhere in the Sanctuary – unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly where because the eggs are stashed in a variety of places. I would recommend you continue to explore the sanctuary -make sure you look behind all the rocks and in the paths by the waterfall to try to find your egg. Good luck!

      • Thank you Jumpstart. Is there any action I have to take with our jumpee guy when we find an egg? Do we have to lift up the rocks or pick it up or just walk through it like the hearts to get it?

        • We’re happy to help! Just click on the egg when you find it. You’ll then be directed to head back to the Eggulator to prepare it for hatching and to choose its color!

          • Great, thank you. I just wish it was a “little” easier to find and egg, I’ve been trying ever since I signed up for membership, about a week now. Everytime my son comes home from school he asks me if I found one for him, and all I can say is nope, but lets keep on looking.

          • that is very weird

  27. I found an egg!!!!!!!! I looked all over this place for a week and never found one, then, when I went into the Sanctuary today, there was an egg sitting right behind a rock in plain view? I checked that place a gazillion times and all of a sudden an egg pops up there? What gives?

  28. Michael is thrilled with all at Jump Start and so do I,but when will be open a Brain Training Arcade for ages 8-10 ..???? He has been 8 years since last year ,so we are really looking forward to it for a very long time.Thank you for all your amazing work JANA a Michael

  29. Thank you for all your AMAZING work ,we like it very much..,BUT when will be open a Brain training Arcade for ages 8-10 ….Michael and me are looking forward it for a long time….thank you for reply and good luck for all you do Jana and Michael

  30. Hi- I have trouble hatching my egg which color in the eggulator shows its about to hatch? Green or Red?

  31. PixieGem is nice. So is RainbowDiamond. And TornadoShark. My next one I will name YellowRiver and I will paint the egg yellow! Then MaroonKitty. Then PrettyDiamond. Then GiantGem. The dragons are/will be red, blue, dark purple, bright yellow, neon green, orange, and pink. Then I think I’ll start back at red again. I love all my dragons even the ones that are not being born yet!

  32. hi! There’s a problem about haching the eggs.So I collected 15 hearts and found a egg.After I painted the egg I put the meter to a girl the next day it was on the surprise meter.And then it was a boy. please pretty please tell me whats wrong please!!!!!!!

  33. haha i have only 2 dragons

  34. i made my second oneyesterday at 11:59 so i just waited one min for it to hatch haha very cool

  35. orry one yesterday

  36. hi! Thers a problem with the invite thro facebook,i could not see the invite boutton!

  37. dis has nothing to do with the dragons but i just dont know where to ask……..

  38. hi. i went on jumpstart today and bought a clour kit for my next dragon and i used my map to teiport to the enchanted scutury and it loaded a little bit than it stopped. can you please tell me why its like this?

  39. Hi I was wondering- why do members only get to hatch baby dragons?- to me I think it is unfair. So I just want to know… I was disappointed when I found this out.


  40. Hi Jumpstart I want to tell you all about my dragons.
    PixieGem: She is a girl and her favorite toy is the ball. She is my first dragon. She is red. Also I think she is the pretttiest.
    RainbowDiamond: She is a girl and her favorite toy is the rattle. She is my second dragon. She is blue. Also I think she is the giggliest.
    Tornado Shark: She is a girl but I always imagine she is a boy so I call her a boy and his favorite toy is the bone because he is rough. He is my third dragon. He is dark purple.
    YellowRiver: She is a girl and her favorite toy is the ball.
    She is my forth dragon. She is yellow. Also I think she is the quietest.
    PrettyKitty: She is a girl and her favorite toy is the bone. She is my fifth dragon. She is green. Also I think she is the sportiest.
    RainDolphin: He is a boy and his favorite toy is the rattle. He is my sixth dragon. He is light orange. Also I think he is the meanest and silliest.
    Those are my dragons!

  41. Hi Jumpstart! And i have a question about my dragons i have 4 dragons 3 of them are in flight school and how do i make them fully grown and out of flight school?? thanks!

    • Hi Jane- In order for your dragon to grow, you need to keep playing with it and caring for it. Make sure you take care of its needs by feeding it and resting it. And don’t forget to teach it how to breathe fire and fly! If you do all of these things 2 days in a row, the dragon will grow. Once your dragon becomes an adult, you can release it and then call it back any time you would like to fly. Hope this helps!

      • I have 3 dragons in flight school because I don’t now how to get them out of flight school. So i just kept on raising my other dragons. And caring for the ones in flight school too.
        How can i get them out of flight school?
        Thanks again! 🙂

        • Well i realeased them to flight school and i see other jumpees with their dragons as a ride i think and i want to know how i can get them out of their flight school

          • Hi Jane- There are armored dragons available to purchase in the Ridez store. That may have been what you saw. As for calling back your dragons, since they are released, click on the giant horn in flight school. You can choose which dragon to call back and then you can ride your dragon throughout the obstacle courses and the Enchanted Sanctuary.

  42. do you git to pick what kind of dragon

    • No you dont. You can pick if its a girl or boy or mystery, and you get to pick the color of your dragon. Good question tho.

  43. I cant believe that i already have two dragons im going to be working on my third pretty soon so i am so excided that im going to have three dragons they are soooo cute and i just have a few questions
    1. how do you get the meter to stay at a girl because every time i go back its a mystery and the i switch it to a girl and i leave and its on a mystery again!!!!!!!!!
    2. when i switch a color it doesnt stay the same it just goes back to the previous color that i had it at before and i dont know what to do. so can someone please help me with that because i would really like a girl dragon get back to me today before my egg hatches please people now. THANKYOU!

  44. my daughter bought 3 color kits and is unable to use any of them on her dragon, why? She clicks on dress up; she gets the 2 hats she bought, but the color swatches are all empty. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    • Hi Hannah – There are 3 different types of color kits. One for dragons, one for voltage dragons, and one for the pegasus. If you buy a color kit thats for a different type of mythie, you won’t see it when you try to play dress up. Please make sure she bought the correct kind of color kit, since with all the different mythies it’s easy to get confused. Let me know if this helps!

  45. hey hey PLZ REPLY JUMPSTART well i wanted a girl dragon… BUT IT CAME OUT A BOY PLZ HELP 😮

  46. oh and my egg is rainbow 😀

  47. Do I have to be a member to raise a dragon???????

    Because a have been trying for a month.
    Anything would help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Dylan – Yes, you do have to be a member to raise a dragon of your own. However, if you are not a member, you can always help Ivy the Fairy by playing with and caring for her dragon! Just visit Ivy in the Enchanted Sanctuary to get started. Have fun!

  48. this game is so cool!


  50. I love jump start.i also love dragons.

  51. wow! guys r soooooooo much fun.TTYL.

  52. i like cheese

  53. i want to shout out to jada

  54. someone help me pppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me find a egg everyone in my class goes on jump start and they all have eggs exept for me and it is no fair!and that is the reason why i am looking on this site and i already asked my mom so please help me find a egg so i am not made fun of so please

    • Hi Kaitlyn! If you are referring to the egg in Enchanted Sanctuary then you have to collect 15 hearts first. Once you do that, you will have to find the egg and then it will hatch into a mythie! Hope this helps!

  55. I found 14 of the 15 hearts in the sanctuary but can’t find the last one. My son is dying for a dragon. Please help.

    • Hi Chris! The hearts are hidden in different places for each person, so there is no way we can help you find the last heart. Our suggestion would be to look near the water, behind buildings, and anywhere that appears very hidden. Good Luck!

  56. i got my first egg but how do i get my second

  57. Where do we find fire breathing training? We’ve looked everywhere.

    • Hi Amgill! We’re sorry that you had trouble finding this training area. The fire breathing training is inside the Mythie Training area in Enchanted Sanctuary. When you enter the Mythie Training area turn immediately to your left and you should see a purple cave with a sign that says “Mythie Training” over it. Take your mythie into the cave and you can train it to breathe fire. Just make sure you have collected some Spark Berries first. These are groups of colored light that you should see outside the Mythie Training cave. Once you collect some of these, go into the cave, click on one of the Spark Berries and then click on your mythie and it will breathe fire!

      • Thank you so much for the reply. The Mythie Training Cave only allows my daughter to blow snowflakes though. No fire breathing training in there….for her

        • Hi Amgill! I’m glad you were able to find the cave. This mythie training area allows you to discover your mythie’s special ability, it may or may not be fire breathing. In your daughter’s case it is blowing snowflakes.

          • OK now that makes sense now. I guess we were in the right place all along. I appreciate the fast replies. My 6 year old LOVEs the game and I am having fun watching her as well. Perfect for her age.

          • Hi Amgil! We are glad you and your child are enjoying the game and we are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Currently, you can only train a mythie dragon to breathe fire, as each species of mythies has a different ability. Once your child trains and releases the Pegasus, they can then adopt a dragon and teach it to breathe fire.

  58. My brother kept the meter on red in the eggulator, and the dragon was completely different from mine! The dragon had one eye that was bigger than the other, and had spiky tufts on his head. My dragon was normal, but I’m jealous of his!

  59. hey jumpstart i have 2 questions actually. first of all i cant find my egg anywhere i have looked in looked i need help finding it can u help me and my second question is do u have to be a member to find the egg and hatch it?

    • Hi Jordan! Only JumpStart members can adopt and raise mythies. Non-members can play with the mythies by flying around on the pegasus or playing fetch and tug of war with the dragon. If you are a JumpStart member and still can’t find your egg, keep looking the eggs pick very good hiding places.

  60. can i have two dragons ?

    • Hi Hailey! Yes, you can have multiple mythies, but you can only raise one at a time. You must release your mythie before you can raise another one.

      • oh. i saw a boy with two and i wonderd if i could have two too.

        • is it normal for it to tack so long to load jumpstart?

          • Hi Hailey! We’re sorry you’re having trouble loading JumpStart. Please try clearing both of your caches. Instructions for that are here. If that doesn’t work, please have your parents call or email our customer support team at 310.533.3402 or so we can get you back into the game as soon as possible.

  61. will your dragon ever die of old age?

  62. you should make phinixes a mythie!

    • Hi Hailey! Thank you for the idea! We have passed it along to the JumpStart developers who are in charge of adding new features to the game.

  63. when hatching your dragon can you leave the website or eggroom???

  64. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  65. if your not a member can you still find an egg and raise a dragon

  66. if your not a member can u still get a dragon and how?

  67. how can you find a dragon egg in January?

  68. Hey Jumpstart,
    I was wondering if you would like a couple of my ideas… If you would email me at the email i posted below (I can’t show it to the world) Oh, and for March Ridez do you mind to PLEASE bring back the white pony with rainbow hair?? I really miss it! I wasn’t a member when it came out.. Oh, and thanks so much for bringing the red dragon ride back!!

  69. My daughter is unable to use the color kit she got for her dragon. Whenever she goes to dress it up the inventory is empty. She was able to put hats on it but not the color kits. I checked and it is the right color kit for her mythie. Please help!

    • Hi, Brooke – That does sound unusual. Could you let us know what email address the account is registered under? That way we can look into the specific of your daughter’s account. Just submit it as a reply to this post and we’ll be sure not to publish it for the privacy of your account. Thanks!

    • Hi, Brooke – We went ahead and looked into her account and everything appears to be working normally. But go ahead an open up your daughter’s inventory by selecting her mythie and pressing the “Dress up” button again. In the upper corner just to the left of the inventory you should see an option for hats and one for color kits. Have your daughter select the rainbow icon with the paint brush to use her purchased color kits (it should be just below the hat icon button). This will allow her to view and use the color kits. From there, she’ll just need to select the color kit and place it on her mythie. She may have only had her hat inventory options open at the time, which is why you were having trouble accessing this feature. Try it out and let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your patience and for choosing JumpStart!

  70. iam a member, but my egg did not hatched im wating for it from yesterday…please help!

    • Hi, Shifa! Be sure to check back today. It takes some time in the incubator for an egg to hatch. You’ll want to make sure to listen to any instructions you’re given when you check on your egg. That way all the levels on the machine are correct. Let us know if you experience any other issues. Thanks!

  71. quando eu tento não da serto por que?

    • Hi, Luiz! Unfortunately we don’t have anyone on our JumpStart blog team that can help us fully translate your comment from Portuguese. But it sounds like you may be having some sort of problem loading the game. If that is the case, please make sure that you have already installed the Unity web player used to launch the game. If you’ve already done that, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get you back into the game.

  72. how long dose it take to hatch if ur not a member

  73. how long is it for the egg to hatch

    • Hi, Emma – After placing your eggling in the Eggulator, it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 days for it to hatch. If you have been waiting any longer that that, please let us know. Thank you!

  74. Thats cool

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