What Type of Pegasus Is That?

After careful study of our newest mythie, we have discovered that the pegasus has many different types, just like the dragon.  Has your child noticed that there are different types of wings and tails? Some even have beards!

A profile shot shows of this pegasus' beard!

His feathered tail is almost as big as he is!

A straight tail makes this pegasus different!

What type of pegasus does your child have? What are your kids’ favorite things about their pegasus? Does their pegasus have a unique personality?

52 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to get a pegasus, too bad I have to release my dragon first….

  2. mine likes to dance

  3. these pegesi are sooooooooooooo! cute! but the boys with the beards are cool!

  4. the food thing still says dragon…………………….

  5. so does the dress-up store!

    • Hi Hannah – All the mythies eat the same food! So when you go to the food it will feed a dragon or a pegasus. At the dress up store, pay attention to the top of the screen. There are different buttons for dragons, voltage dragons, and the pegasus, and these do not work for the other types. So make sure you buy the correct items for your type of mythie!

  6. My Pegasus was supposed to be a girl so it turned out to be a purple and green boy. So i just used the black color kit and he looks really good in it 😀

  7. Dear Jumpstart my pegasus is white and black but i colored him green and white and Jumpstart he was huge when i hatched hi is there something diffrent with the way they grow?

  8. Well i noticed a pegasus with wings like a butterfly and my has wings more loke a long winged bird so i guess it was a female spirited pegasus and mine is a diff type!
    i will go check the dragon types post to find out my pegasus type!

  9. I see a glitch it was pegie floating in the air! ….without a jumpee!

  10. I just hatched another pegasus, it was another boy with the same wings! I wanted a girl with different wings!

  11. My pegasus came here perfect. I love my pegasus Pink Swan! After raising 5 dragons, Pink Swan was born. She’s gotten bigger,too. I love really love my dragons.I visit them at flight school and I take a ride on the dragons. Well, I’m about to check on my Pinky. Bye-Bye!
    P.S. Pinky is light blue,too. So yes, Pinky is pink.

  12. Why does some have butterfly wings

  13. My pegasus didn’t hatch today I got the egg yesturday and put it in the eegulater and it didn’t hatch all it did was make creaking sound

  14. I have a Pegasus named Frost Swan shes in her 2nd stage. I bought her the colorful color kit thats white and rainbow :). And I don’t know how much longer it is before she can be trained her special ability and how to fly.

  15. My pegasus went to ice training today and i went to the flight deck with her my pegasus’s name is Frost Swan

  16. My pegasus was perfect when she was born. I love my Frost Swan shes my pegasus! Frost Swan is a teen now. Well i’m gonna go check on Frosty! ( I call my pegasus Frost Swan Frosty ) Bye!

  17. Should I wait to get the new kind of mythie or get another pegasus…?

  18. I released my pegasus today and got a new pegasus I love pegasuses :). I like dragons too. I hope when my pegasus hatches tomorrow it will be a girl because it’s girl colors its whit and pink

  19. I hope my pegasus is a girl tomorrow and I hope it has butterfly wings if it doesn’t it will be O.K. but it would be cool if I got a girl pegasus with butterfly wings

  20. I asked for a girl pegasus but when my pegasus hatched today it was a white and pink boy!

  21. Can you give out another free membership so I can raise a Pegasus?

  22. i want a hornhowlie next, but i wish i knew the different types.
    Im going to make mineblack and red!
    My pegasus, Silver Cloud, is grey and white and has the long flowy tail. He looks so cute with white *socks* above his hooves! I love my pegasus!

  23. Hi, Can you tell me why I can’t release my pegusus.
    It’s learnt how to fly and has completed its icicle training but when I try to release it, Ivy keeps telling me that my mythie still has to complete its training! This is getting frustrating.

    • Hi, Maria RedBolt! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. At this time, there is a technical glitch affecting our Mythie features. Please know that our team is doing what they can to resolve the issue as soon as possible. A number of our JumpStart players have not been able to release or grow their Mythies, which is pretty unusual. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new information.

  24. hi jumpstart my pegasus is missing! I came back today and checked the dorm but it said i need to have my mythie with me to enter! so i went to ivy going to the sanctuary and she said my mythie was to big to go to the sanctuary! i acted like i had her with me!

    also can you change the stile of your mythie’s wings?

  25. I have a male dragon which he is already released and he also has a beard.

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