Play More, Earn More!

Is your child looking for new ways to earn more coins on JumpStart? Search no more!

A Game Play Bonus has just been added to JumpStart! Each time your child logs into JumpStart on consecutive days, your child will receive bonus coins as incentives! This rewards your children for coming back multiple days in a row to embark on new learning adventures.

The coin amount increases depending on the amount of consecutive days that your child logs into JumpStart.

Each consecutive day your child logs in, a Daily Bonus Screen will tell them how many coins they have earned just for coming back!

For example, on the first day, your child will be awarded 5 coins. On the second day, it will increase to 10 coins. This is a great way to reward your children for learning and exploring on!  With bonus coins, your kids can buy different items that will make their Jumpee unique!

What do your kids think about this new ‘coin-collecting’ method? Does it persuade them to want to play more?

18 Responses

  1. Awsome! It’s my third day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, I did not know which blog post to ask this question, so I am going to ask it here.

    Does anyone know what those rotating red rings are hovering over Main Street?

    We flew through a few of them after being launched in the flight deck and heard a triumphant tune, when we passed through but nothing special happened.

    What’s the deal with those red rings? This is driving me and my daughter crazy.

    • Hi, Bugsy Happyhead – The red rings are targets for kids to try to fly through. They just give players a place to aim for when they are flying and are located in places that give players great views of MainStreet!

      • Interesting. Those red rings look like portals to another world, sort of like the rotating portals such as the ones to Mythie Flight School or Poseidon’s Hangout.

    • i know what they are for when you uses the flate deck try to fly threw them to eran cons i know how you feel because i thot you landid thare when you did a BIG jump!!!

  3. jumpstart,my birthday is on march 2.i am a member,
    and i’m a level 10.can i get a birthday cake ride but
    just that i’m a level 10?

    • Hi Ng! Birthdays are always special here at JumpStart! In honor of your birthday, we will add four cake rides to your Ridez garage. You can either choose your favorite one to ride for the week or you can switch it up and try all four over the course of a week!

      In addition to that, MainStreet will be decorated with a giant birthday banner, balloons, confetti and huge gift-wrapped presents!

      To ensure that you receive all of the love we have to give, please have your parents, if they haven’t already, enter your date of birth by logging in here.

  4. for some reson when a thing comes up that says your jummpe has earned coins,star andother things buti still have the same amount of coins plz reply

    • Hi Nikki! You amount of coins should increase. However, depending on the activity, you may only receive an increase in stars and not necessarily in coins, or vice versa.

  5. for some reson when a thing comes up that says your jummpe has earned coins,star andother things buti still have the same amount of coins

  6. Dear js, i am in the boardwalk and i noticed something.its still snowing. my 2 brothers,my parents,and my 2 cousins and i are curious: IS THIS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY?

    • Hi Angel! We are actually in the process of clearing the snow out and preparing for a beautiful spring season! Make sure your Jumpee has her sunglasses ready!

  7. thats awesomly awesome! thanks jumpstart!

  8. Thanks Jumpstart!

  9. Awsome it helps with making money soon I will have 2000 coins!

  10. My child logs in every day and has never been able to collect anything past the day 1 bonus. Where can I get some help?

    • Hi, Robert — We’re sorry that is happening. Please contact our Customer Service Team, they would be happy to assist you. To speak with one of our Customer Support Agents, call (310) 533-3402, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST. You can also reach us by email at

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